Welcome to Really Raw Honey

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Hi everyone,
Thanks so much for all your support for the past few years! We have now sold all our honey so have officially closed the shop.
If anyone is interested in getting into raw honey production and is in need of processing equipment or interested in purchasing our web site, feel free to drop me an email or call.
Have a brilliant year!

Our mission is to provide you the most exquisite unheated, unblended raw honey, delivered to your door in Australia.

You know exactly why you won’t buy honey from most supermarkets, and that’s why we’re passionate about delivering your honey in the same condition it left the hive.   Because our customers are addicted to quality we offer an over-the-top 200% Honey Back Guarantee!

Right now we offer two varieties: Banksia Honey and Bees’ Choice Honey.  

Why Raw Honey?

People have recorded eating raw honey for over 40 centuries … until 20th century retail culture. Regular honey from retail shelves has been pasteurised at high temperatures. This slows down the natural crystallisation process so that it remains liquid and looks good on the shelf for months. Unfortunately this process also kills the organic food value that honey contains. You might as well eat sugar syrup.

Our raw honey has been processed at temperatures similar to bee hive internal temperatures. That means that the healthy enzymes remain intact so your body can enjoy their goodness.

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