About Really Raw Honey

Really Raw Honey is a boutique family operated business in Western Australia.  Our mission is to provide you the most exquisite unheated, unblended raw honey in Australia and to deliver it to your door.

We are unashamed health freaks. We believe that to enjoy life fully you need to eat what is good for your body.  That’s why we take care and the extra time needed to keep the honey below 40°C while it is being processed.  That way the natural healthy enzymes and yeasts remain just as potent in the honey jar as they were in the hive.

We source most of our honey from Western Australia’s Turquoise Coast. Some of it also comes from the WA Wheatbelt.  The honey is extracted in location near the hives and is filtered at our processing facility to remove the largest fragments of wax.

Really Raw Honey is sold seasonally.  We sell what the bees have made recently so we can’t make every variety available all year round. This way you know that your honey is fresh.

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